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Antenatal & Birth Doula

4 visits during pregnancy for birth preparation. I want you to be calm, relaxed and confident during your pregnancy, while giving birth and the journey of motherhood.

·  Signpost you to relevant services

·   Unlimited email and telephone support.

·   On-call 24/7 starting at 38 weeks.

·   Unlimited support in the birth space. Be that at home, labour ward or birth centre.

·  Stay with you up to an hour after the baby has been born.

Cost of package: £650

aMoMi Birth & Motherhood Stories project

Telling your birth story whether it was wonderful or not so great is an important debriefing process. Please contact me if you want to share your story.

Postnatal Doula

This period can be a little bit overwhelming and I am here to provide practical, emotional and physical support to you while you navigate the new terrain of parenthood.

·  12 hours postpartum support (in 4-hour shifts) to nurture and relax your Mother Mind so you can mother your new arrival.

·   First days at home 

·   Mothering the Mother 

·   A Mothers Mind 

·   Baby watching 

·   The home 

Cost of package: £15 per hour min 20 hours booked in 4-hour slots (£300)

Perinatal Community Engagement

Community engagement around pregnancy, birth and postpartum service delivery and development. 

Perinatal Mental Wellbeing workshops

As a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor and health and wellbeing specialist, I deliver a number of perinatal mental health workshops for families, communities and professionals working with mum and family during the perinatal period. My workshops cover the following:

·  What is perinatal mental health?

·  The different mental health conditions

·  Signs/symptoms & risk factors

·   What helps in management and recovery?

Half Day - £20 per person

minimum 6 people

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